Summit Nutritional Laboratories specializes in performing analytical services like raw material testing, potency verification, microbiological enumeration, and label claim validation. We can also aid our clients in the interpretation of results. We are an experienced nutraceutical and supplement testing lab with a wide array of testing capabilities in a variety of matrices.


Ensuring identity and potency of both your raw materials and finished products is of utmost priority.  Here at Summit Nutritional Laboratories, our qualified staff can conduct a multitude of rigorous analytical test methods, with techniques such as HPLC, GC, ICP-MS, NIR and others, to verify your products’ label claims. Whether you need to quantify a product’s vitamin potency or certify the quality of your botanical ingredients, our lab is happy to be of service.


At Summit Nutritional Laboratories we take product safety seriously. FDA regulation and public scrutiny have made microbial testing more critical now than ever before. Our highly qualified microbiologists are capable to conduct rapid microbial analyses through a selection of methods to suit your testing needs. Whether you need full microbial testing or just a single pathogen, our lab will make sure your products are clean and safe.


Heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are toxic contaminants that can have adverse health effects. At Summit Nutritional Laboratories, we use the industry standard ICP-MS to detect even the lowest amount of these harmful elements to ensure your products are free of heavy metals. We also offer testing for nutritional minerals, such as calcium, zinc, and many more, using ICP-MS technology to achieve accurate results that you can trust for verifying your label claims.


Our stability program is designed to trace your product’s performance over time to provide you with the data you need for determining shelf life. Understanding the stability of a product or material against the effects of time, temperature and/or humidity is an important part of product development. Summit Nutritional has the testing facilities to safely conduct the desired stability for shelf-life studies, as well as the corresponding analytical testing to evaluate the effects of the storage conditions. We are able to perform both real-time and accelerated stability studies.


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